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Development Policy and Management Consultants (DPMC) is one of the newest and enterprisingly multi-disciplinary development consulting firms in Guyana. Over the three (3) years of our existence we have built up a reputation for quality output and delivering our products on a timely basis. We are a wholly independent organisation with a wide collaborative reach. We are based in Guyana but the principles of the firm have substantial experience in the Caribbean and Central America.

Pre-Feasability Study - Georgetown Lethem Road Consultations The company offers a rich diversity of services unrivalled amongst its national competitors. Capabilities cover the full spectrum of development related issues, including social development (poverty-reduction policy formulation and evaluation, non-governmental organization (NGO) advocacy and lobbying, social funds participatory programs, comparative policy studies, analysis of rural financing and micro-credit schemes, social welfare and policy analysis), economic development (economic and social regulation, regulatory impact assessment; regulatory governance, competition policy, privatization and public enterprise performance, trade and industrial policy); and environmental management (managing environmental and climatic changes, community conservation, environmental impact assessment, environmental policy, environmental economics, strategic environmental assessment, devising environmental indicators, integrated impact assessment in development policy, economic cost-benefit analysis, ecosystem services, social impact assessment, and sustainability impact assessment). Read more