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Qualified to Serve

Development Policy and Management Consultants (DPMC) is one of the newest and enterprisingly multi-disciplinary development consulting firms in Guyana. Over the three (3) years of our existence we have built up a reputation for quality output and delivering our products on a timely basis. We are a wholly independent organisation with a wide collaborative reach. We are based in Guyana but the principles of the firm have substantial experience in the Caribbean and Central America.

Field Studies - 9th EDF of the Guyana Sea Defense ProgrammeThe company offers a rich diversity of services unrivalled amongst its national competitors. Capabilities cover the full spectrum of development related issues, including social development (poverty-reduction policy formulation and evaluation, non-governmental organization (NGO) advocacy and lobbying, social funds participatory programs, comparative policy studies, analysis of rural financing and micro-credit schemes, social welfare and policy analysis), economic development (economic and social regulation, regulatory impact assessment; regulatory governance, competition policy, privatization and public enterprise performance, trade and industrial policy); and environmental management (managing environmental and climatic changes, community conservation, environmental impact assessment, environmental policy, environmental economics, strategic environmental assessment, devising environmental indicators, integrated impact assessment in development policy, economic cost-benefit analysis, social impact assessment, and sustainability impact assessment).


Qualified To Serve You
Training Workshops - Land Degradation ProjectFor many years staff currently employed by the DPMC, and more recently the firm itself, has served regional, national and local governments, utilities, industries, developers and international lending agencies. On projects of any scale or complexity, we provide all services from feasibility and planning studies, through execution and decommissioning.

Our staff boasts accredited training at the PhD, Masters, Post Graduate and Certificate levels in Environmental Economics, Policy Analysis, Natural Resource Management, Climate Change, International Trade Policy, Development Studies and Programme Monitoring and Evaluation. With over 20 years of combined experience our staff have conducted several noteworthy projects in Guyana and wider afield


We Specialize In the Conduct/Execution of:

  • Prefeasibility Studies,
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects and Programmes,
  • Sector Assessments and Evaluations,
  • Socio-economic and Cultural Assessments for Environmental Impact Assessments and Strategic Environmental Assessments,
  • Economic and Institutional Assessments,
  • Project development,
  • Development of Sector Strategies and Actions Plans, and
  • Field Surveys and Community Consultations.

Our Commitment
DPMC is committed to providing comprehensive consultancy services that will add value and assist in the economic, social and natural resource sectors, adapting appropriate strategies to meet the challenges confronting these sectors and exploiting opportunities for their enhancement.

In order to achieve this we:

  • Work hard to achieve the projects’ objectives,
  • Maintain high technical and professional standards,
  • Constantly strive to improve what we do and how we do it,
  • Strive to innovate and look beyond the obvious,
  • Uphold professional codes and principles,
  • Aim to respond quickly to change,
  • Nurture committed staff,
  • Respect the natural environment and community in which we work, and
  • Facilitate an open and trusting environment wherein the projects’ objectives can be achieved.

Employees Commitment

Providing technical assistance to governmental and international organizations nationally is our forte and we have undertaken a number of important impact and adaptation projects. We have provided consultancy services to various government organisations in managing the resources under their purview, and adapting to changes globally and challenging natural environment.

We are committed to working in partnership with our clients, making sure we develop cost-effective, practical and quality solutions precisely tailored to meet their specific needs. To this end, we work assiduously to deliver the highest level of customer care, the best value for money and the most appropriate solution.